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Who we are & strive to be


What we represent…

As a SDVOSB, in order to be good stewards of our community, family, and future we seek to develop and improve resources that provide a tangible benefit in the quality of life of our communities locally, while observing global trends that affect these resources.

We define these spaces as those who offer care services for the community, those conscious of environmental impacts and establishment of programs that provide for the growth of responsible managers to care for these resources.


Who are we?

National Project Management, LLC is a professional construction management company located in Raleigh, NC. 

We are an unlimited license general contractor providing project management specializing in Federal contracts and Commercial construction. Our team has dedicated ourselves to providing time and cost-efficient projects to our clients that are a value and meet our representations.


We are highly selective in our Clients, Projects and Partners making us unique in our approach and impact.

How we define these resources…

In order to remain local, we have identified the following services to offer:

Performance in project management for our Veteran’s Medical Centers, public projects with the GSA & support our private communities.

Provide design build services for research facilities that promote innovation for the public good.

Develop responsible managers by providing opportunities for growth in project selection, educational benefits, and networking with the community.

Remain open to new Ideas and emerging trends in Project Management

Our Leadership

Managing Partner, Veteran, U.S. Air Force
Providing Operations Management, Estimation & Project Management
Bachelor of Business Law, Finance
Master of Project Management - Graduate Student
Air Force Veteran - Service Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner

Providing Project Administration and Accounting
Master of Arts, TESOL
Bachelor of Arts, TCTSOL
Ph.D. Teacher Education & Learning Sciences in Mathematics & Science - Graduate Student

Donald Dale
Construction Manager, Veteran U.S. Army
Providing Project Managment & Quality Control
Associate of Science, Social Science
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology
Ph.D. Teacher Education & Learning Sciences in Mathematics & Science - Graduate Student

Jerry Smith
Providing Commercial and Federal Project Oversight, Safety & Quality Control
50 years of quality construction management


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